Thinking in music…

Today I was a load-shedding prisoner – actually quite funny:  The power went off just as I completed my last lesson for the day (the two students after that had both cancelled), and as I got to the motorgate, which should have some battery reserves, I found that it wouldn’t budge.  On investigation the batteries had been looted – for what, I’m not sure but I saw them lying on the floor (powering something or other) in my aimless wanderings through the place.

So I was stuck and had to wait for Eskom to return our power to us…  for one hour.  I spent some time under the trees, then watching the skies as dusk arrived.  I had nothing to read…  I could have practiced but somehow that held no appeal.  While I do nothing (by force), my inner radio switches on and plays me Classic FM, which is always delightful.  Thank goodness the “Ashokan Farewell” has finally piped down, to make way for the following files:

(3rd of Brahms, 3rd mvt)

(4th of Brahms, 1st movement)

(We played all 4 Brahms symphonies back in the student orchestra, many ages back, under Alan Solomon.  I’m so thankful he did that for his music students!)

And then there was a Schumann, I thought I had it, but I don’t…  for violin and piano, not viola (so it can’t be the “Maerchenbilder”).  Well it will come to me again.



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