• I’ll do this as a bulletted list, to suit the cellphone browsers.  >:-))
  • House concert on Saturday was fun.  We had a bit of enchantment, specifically from a singer and a Spanish dancer.
  • Working on 2 Young Readers books from 2 different authors at this point.  The one, only in capacity of proof-reader / contextual editor.  (I wouldn’t presume to make grammatical suggestions to someone who himself is a top-rate editor!  But:  Even editors can’t edit their own work, the altered viewpoint is definitely a necessity.)  The other one is a much larger project (for me), as everything still needs to be fixed:  Illustrations have to be organized (we have the person, but she’ll need the time); a cover graphic; decisions on formats (box-set with 5 booklets or single novel), and so on and so forth.  The author has perpetrated word art…  no, wait:  text art…  making images with text using spaces.  Not even understanding how badly this degrades in any other word processor.  This is basically a never-ending project unless I stomp quite firmly…  nevertheless ,the story is delightful, so here we go.
  • Offspring is actually practicing violin for a change.  I had massive pep-talks with them.  Excuses never got anyone anywhere.  Nothing ever comes together merely from explaining why you didn’t have the time.  And there’s also the fairness issue – I do special things with them for the holidays (e.g. yesterday was one extended outing) so seeing that they are not babies anymore, they need to bring their side, too.
  • Getting some bucket-list items out of the way too.  Optometrists, car repairs, children’s ID paperwork etc etc.
  • Playing Spellforce “onLAN” with my son.  What fun!!
  • And then there was “The Morrigan”.  Solar Wind 5.  What to do about Ronan?  It wasn’t his fault – he is already under that entity’s influence!  Paean & Federi can only but try their best…  and brave Ailyss, trying to face down that thing by herself.  But the Morrigan is being squished into little corners.  Other stuff is taking priority.  And I promised myself, this holiday…
  • Also updated some parts of P’kaboo website, notably the page for Tabika. To include a lovely pseudo-Shakespearean sonnet into the reviews.  Hope if you with your cellphones click on the “Show Reviews” button, they will actually open, I have no idea how restricted the cellphone html is.  Why can’t we just stick with computers (tablets, lappies, netbooks, PCs, you name it), why phones???
  • Ooh, and of course the Amazon launch of “Pink Wish Ice Cream” is on Saturday evening, in the P’kaboo Book Club… you all know the way by now.. bring own booze, I think it’s pink champagne…
  • That’s all so far, my joys and frustrations.  😀  To quote MadMom:  “And now go away and leave me alone!”

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