Yes, we launch in a Facebook Group.

Our last few online launches (nearly I wrote, “lunches”) took place in the Facebook group “P’kaboo Book Club”.

It’s a nice group.  For readers, it is not difficult to “live inside” comments for an event; while everyone needs to provide their own sherry, the conversation is anytime as animated and funny as at a real-live launch in a book shop or library.

I’ll pin the buy link to the book at the top of the group, along with the conversation in which we ask the author questions.  Every time I learn a bit more, how to do it more effectively.  The beauty of Facebook is that the conversation stays put and doesn’t disappear like in a chat room; also, people can post images and even videos if they like.

The author we are launching tonight, is Andrea Kaczmarek, with “Pink Wish Ice Cream”.

A lovely Polly Pink Witch sells wishing ice cream to kids.  Will they get their wish?  Well, that depends!

Andreawbook1Pink Wish  catAndreaKPWICebook

Click here to join the fun & help this author:

Come and help us launch her in style! (Bring own champagne.)


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