Crazy busy – and the launch of Pink Wish Ice Cream tomorrow night!

I would like to remind all my readers of another beautiful book being launched tomorrow, in the P’kaboo Book Club:

Pink Wish Ice Cream.

Polly Pink Witch is a kind, motherly witch who makes magic ice cream.  Not only is it superbly delicious, but it can fulfill wishes, too…  if you are a good kind of kid.  The kind that remembers your manners and is not selfish.  She has a special way in which she makes your wishes come true…


Author Andrea Kaczmarek with a print-out of her “Pink Wish Ice Cream”. (Print-out was image-enhanced by YT).

This is just what the world needed, because “Cinderella” has been done too often.  I want a pink wish ice cream!

Please, everyone who hasn’t yet, consider supporting her “Thunderclap” by clicking this link and then clicking on the “Support” buttons, and consider coming to her launch – perhaps even buying one of the copies of this magic children’s ebook, autographed, at her launch tomorrow night

Print copies and kindle copies will be available on Amazon later this month.

Other updates:

Don’t get worried when I get quiet, pls.  We’ve been working very hard on getting Carmen Capuano’s book out there and into Amazon, the paperback Amazon version and the kindle version are almost ready.

And also, we (the Studio) have been practicing for the house concert on Saturday, & one of the most beautiful pieces we found for it is coursing relentlessly in my head:

Your thoughts on this:

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