The Island Did Its Magic, and a launch on Saturday

Thank you all, I’m back from Fakaofo.  It was very relaxing, snorkeling in the lagoon, lying tanning on the beach, bodysurfing a bit in those warm waves.  Listening to the sounds of the ocean.

On Saturday, at 20h00 GMT+2, (Pretoria Time), we are launching “Split Decision” (the e-book) in the P’kaboo Book Club.

Like they used to say in the 80’s, “be there or B²”.


Carmen Capuano holding a copy of her ebook with the temp cover – note the glow

On that same note, we need all the help we can get right now if the Thunderclap is to work.  We’re standing at 32 supporters but need at least 100.  We appreciate everyone who has already supported; also those who thought they did but ended up merely “liking” the page on Facebook (the intent counts, besides, every little bit helps, but unfortunately that particular action will not get us closer to the actual Thunderclap happening).  You actually need to click on one of the three red buttons of the Thunderclap in order to support it.

Screenshot (20)

I would like to entice, invite and (*batting those kalinkish eyelashes*) ensnare you all to meander over to the following two links and click on those red buttons – sommer all of them, play piano a little 😀 – if you haven’t already done so.

Thunderclap “Split Decision” (urgent):

Thunderclap “Pink Wish Ice Cream”:

Will the Thunderclap make it?  We don’t know, but when it moves, it moves fast.  When it lies still, it really doesn’t budge.  It’s worth a try to get it moving fast.

(I’m also learning some interesting things about social media marketing in the process.  Who’d have thought.)

Anyway hope to see you all in the Book Club on Saturday!  Here is the link to the launch again:


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