Thank you!! A wave of support.

We started our two “Thunderclaps” mere days back.  I didn’t realize the process was that exciting!  We’re rallying people from Facebook, Twitter and the blogs (and hopefully from Linkedin and Goodreads too) to come and support.

There are a few Power Bloggers, networking superstars, who have lent their support so far.  I note they are authors and reviewers, helping other authors.  I’m getting very excited about this, because of course if there is one thing gipsika believes in, it is karmic return.  May they receive as abundantly as they are giving, and more!  I wonder if they know how happy they are making us.

Then there are the members from P’kaboo Book Club itself, coming through in spades.  I am so happy!  People, friends, fen, you make me feel all warm and fuzzy!  I’m sitting with a perma-smile.  I had no idea you liked your book club that much!

And also, authors from P’kaboo are cross-supporting.  This is greatly appreciated!  We are a team, you’re so right, my wonderful authors.  You are awesome, and you, too, will experience the great Turn of the Wheel and your ship coming in.

And then there are the “opportunities”.  Krowdster weighed in with 21000+ social reach.  (I’m not sure – does Krowdster own Thunderclap?)  A voice from Fiverr wants to support for $5.  Well now, $5 is not much and my hand hovered over that button, and then, instead, bookmarked the site to explore for what he has to offer in other marketing ways.  It looks like an interesting site.  Why is it that I don’t trust that $5 voice? Maybe I will, still.

We aren’t anywhere near 100 voices for each Thunderclap, but for the short while we’ve been going, we’re impressively far.  People are helping, and people are pushing.

If you want to get involved in helping two beautiful authors launch exciting new books, please follow both links below (or pick your favourite), and let Thunderclap walk you through what to do.

Carmen Capuano’s “Split Decision”:

(Other update about the book:  The temporary cover you see on the book page is only a temp.  It’s a lo-res net hash-up.  The real cover is in design, in technicolour, and should be reaching completion shortly.)

Andrea Kaczmarek’s “Pink Wish Ice Cream”:

(We’re having fun with this one, launching an author and her illustrator at the same time.  The drawings are to die for – and so is the ice cream.)

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