Two Thunderclaps for P’kaboo Authors, and e-launches to come

(The story so far:  Exams, sick children, load shedding and missing megabytes notwithstanding, we soldier on towards that mekka, that promised land called “Holidays”…and this morning, we made it!)

Testing out that system of social media publicity raising called the “Thunderclap”, I applied for two…


(This is a virtual image, smoke and mirrors – point out when you spot it…)

The first one has been approved.  Carmen Capuano’s launch of the ebook “Split Decision”, which is scheduled in the P’kaboo Book Club, on 4th of July at 20h00, has been thunderclapped here:

Please click the link to find out what to do, if you want to add your social clout to spreading the word about this very readworthy novel.  Every voice counts; we’re up against incredible odds, having to find 100 supporters (they don’t give a smaller option) in less than a week.  If you would really like to help, please also share the link so that more people can decide to help.

The book can be previewed at this link.  Please note that the cover is not yet the final version, only a temporary image while design is completed. 

I’ll keep you posted when the next Thunderclap, for Andrea Kaczmarek and her children’s book “Pink Wish Ice Cream”, is ready.

I sincerely appreciate the help of every blogger who wants to help spread the word.


9 thoughts on “Two Thunderclaps for P’kaboo Authors, and e-launches to come

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