Load shedding

They switch off our lights at 8pm now.

8h sharp, the lights went off.  And my children chorused:

“Then he nailed right through a cable, and off went all the lights!”


11 thoughts on “Load shedding

    • Hi Eloise. Thanks for asking :-). It is our government’s moronic scheme of trying to “save” electricity. The (owned privately by members of government) company that has been supplying the power is falling apart due to lack of maintenance for the last 2 decades, and while demand for power has grown (we’ve got 10 million extra people now), supply has dropped. So instead of allowing 4 or 5 other companies who are standing ready with good, new, hi-tech power generating facilities a foot in the market, the ANC crosses its arms and says, “nyet”, and at the same time shuts down power to whole suburbs, around the turn, around the clock. This “strategy” is known as “load shedding”. Songs have been written about it. TIA.

  1. The utter, oh-so English brilliance of Michael Flanders and Donald Swann! I wonder how they would re-write this today, with each artisan calling on a mobile phone half an hour before arriving, and each company emailing them afterwards with an invitation to take part in a satisfaction survey…

    • 🙂 Thanks, kutukamus. We try to find workarounds. By now half of Pretoria is heating with gas, cooking with gas, lighting with candles and … replacing broken fridges at a nasty rate. Much more of this and we’ll all move off the grid. 😀

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