The “Donder Klap”

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You need to understand a bit of colloquial Afrikaans to get why I’m finding this concept irresistibly funny.

In the rougher parts of the city, people still “donder” each other when they get upset.  Black eyes and noses-out-of-notch can result from such “dondering”.  Conversely, a “klap” is something an adult deals a stroppy young adolescent when words get no result; or a woman can “klap” someone who unexpectedly grabs her hindquarters.

“Donder” can also be used as a word to augment a concept.


Nevertheless the Thunderclap (as per previous post) looks to me like a promising system.  I’d like to get in on it before it is so overrun that it, like so many web-based ideas, loses its effectiveness.  It works like a networking-based press release.  While a genuine press release reaches a random audience, which size depends on the reach of the press that is being used, the Thunderclap reaches second-level contacts in social networks.

Let’s do this!

4 thoughts on “The “Donder Klap”

  1. ‘Donder klap’? Ag man! 😀

    I must be one of the few non-Afrikaans-speaking Scots to recognise the work ‘donder’. That’s only because it occurs in a verse of a song from the 1960s that was a massive hit in Britain in the 1960s, without anyone being understand half of it. The verse ran ( if I remember correctly)

    Ag pleez Daddy won’t you take us to the wrestling,
    We wanna see an ou called Sky High Lee.
    When he fights Willie Liebenberg
    There’s gonna be a murder,
    ‘Cos Willie’s gonna donder that blerry Yankee.

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