Should P’kaboo authors get a Thunderclap?

“Thunderclaps” – ROARS of Silence.

Thank you, Silver Threading, for this post and the feedback of how your authors did on Thunderclap.   I think, even though 2 did not reach target, the results are still pretty inspiring.

Now my question to my P’kaboo authors:

Should we thunderclap our books?

It is a program with intense author involvement, but we’ve done that type before, with our facebook & twitter “likes” campaign and others.

Oh, ok, second edit:  Here is how it works.

It’s like crowd funding, except that the currency targeted is not money but publicity.  If you reach a certain number of supporters, Thunderclap publicizes you to a large social network.  If you don’t make target (even if you’re only short by 1), then nothing happens.  I think it’s worth a shot, especially if we can pair it with some other publicity push?

Oh, and 4th edit:  It’s a free program, at entry level.  Your supporters don’t have to fork out a cent, they only have to “fork out” a click.  (I haven’t checked out the other levels.)

Let me know if you’re in.  If you’re self-conscious, email me instead of commenting.

… gipsika


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