Friends, fellows and co-creators.

I implore you, who are published by P’kaboo, to make use of the following structures for news and updates on your writing, promos, and whatever else relates to your books.

1)  The P’kaboo Blog.  Each one of you is a quality blogger; I’m not worried that you’ll post anything sub-standard on the official blogsite of P’kaboo.  The blog has views; possibly more than the “red ant”.  They are also most probably much more diverse views as they come from places all over the world; besides, there are many links on external places pointing to the website and the blog, so you can do worse for exposure than chatting up readers of the P’kaboo blog.  It is the blog of a publishing site.  Would you agree it is likely that readers read there?

What to post here:  Updates on your latest opus; sweet reviews you received; speaking engagements or poetry competitions you have fared well in or want to promote, etc, etc.  Go look – there are already some up there.  You are welcome to repost things that you’ve blogged on your personal blogs, with a link leading the engaged reader to your own blog; as long as whatever you post is relevant either to your books, or to your writing (processes etc).

2) The P’kaboo Book Club on Facebook.  This is where you can connect on a very eye-to-camera basis with real fans of yours as well as fans of other P’kaboo authors, and of some authors who are in fact not even with P’kaboo but who come and play in the Book Club.  While we do play games in there (and yes, sometimes they get a little banal as the evening gets late), we also hold interviews, and the best is, you can set up your own initiative or start something in your own style there.  I’m aware of at least 3 book reviewers that also come checking in every now and then, and a number of people involved with book promo sites.

Once again, if you got a lovely review you can post it in there and invite discussion.

3) The P’kaboo Facebook Page.  Here you can post links to your latest reviews (which you can and should on the other two sites, as well).  The sad thing is that the FB page doesn’t necessarily put your posts centre-stage; however, alert me to them and I can come and lift them into full view.

I also strongly encourage you to get involved and visit each other’s Goodreads profiles, and boost each other by posting each other’s links.  We are a small number of writers, and we need to make the most of the little community we are.

My friends and authors, I set these places up for you to use.  Blow your own horn and each other’s – I’m already blowing your horn for you but need your backup.  We’re a small, indie house.  We need to create the wave; and believe me when I say, I can actually see a wave building.  It’s a social media wave and a clicks wave, and I want you all to participate, none to be left behind.  Because TV ads are not yet on the cards.

If you find interesting places like Bookarma and iAuthor, post them to the Book Club so that the other authors can explore and discover, and just as importantly, so that the friends and readers too can explore.  If you tweet something relevant to what’s happening, copy it to the Book Club for discussion.   None of those sites are temples; they are more like workshops.  And readers love watching something as it is happening.  Let’s give them lots to watch.

Remember always:  First comes the publicity, the sales follow.  Sometimes it takes a LOT of publicity to generate sales.  And publicity in networking is exponential.  Like the dwarves in Spellforce say:  “Everrra lattle bat counts!”

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