Sleepless and flued up

Yea yea I should not be moaning, I know – I could have gone for the flu jab (and got my flu early).  Instead here I am trying to fix it with the 65% alcohol (I checked, it’s not 67%, what a let-down) in Echinaforce.  (*hic*)

It’s not the flu that woke me up rudely though, but thousands of thoughts that just won’t shut up.

Our children’s future.  Xenophobia.  Blancophobia. That teacher that was murdered, that sparked protest marches.  All honest South Africans are sick of the violent crime (and of all the other crime too).  “Daddy, I’m considering a career in crime.” – “Corporate or private sector, son?”  And American military remote-shooting people with unmanned drones.  The most pernicious warfare of all.  HG Wells, you only got one thing wrong – the invaders were humans themselves, so no amount of bacteria will fend them off.

But hey – everyone moans about the bad weather and nobody does anything about it.  The incorrigible pagan in me wants to light a bonfire, brew some Gluehwein (recipe here) and dance, wrapped up but not too warmly, around the fire.  (Those who want to dance naked in winter need psychiatric help.  Mind, even in summer I’d be reluctant – too old & too fat.  *cackle*)

13 books until recognition.  Gee. I still have a number of volumes to go then!  Better get cracking.  And if one looks at the success of “50 Shades”, and even “Twilight” (I know, I know, you can’t compare the two, if a vampire stalks you that’s romantic but if a human male stalks you that’s creepy), I think I should write tales of stalking and sexual debauchery.  In not-so-literary English, short and sticky, especially the endings (*har har*).  Hey, this could be fun!

On another line I’m testing out Sigil – an ebook layout program, anyone have experience with it?  I’ll ask an elementary question here – how do I get it to open a .doc file?

Oh, and I read somewhere that coffee and chocolate – the molecules – only differ by one single carbohydrate group.

coffeemolecule chocolate molecule

So, instead of my all-time favourite, ginger chocolate, I made myself a ginger coffee… yumm..

In vitro and pre-clinical studies performed on the  patent-pending combination of Ginger and Goldenrod extracts (BDI-630) have demonstrated the effectiveness of the combination to inhibit the growth of Rhinoviruses and the Influenza virus (data unpublished). Moreover, the effectiveness of BDI-630 tested against oseltamivir and a leading Canadian natural health brand against colds, has been proven to be comparable to oseltamivir, and significantly superior to the leading natural health brand, in extending life span of mice inoculated intranasally with a lethal dose of the Influenza virus (unpublished data).


(Conclusion:  Research causes cancer in rats.)

(Above:  The fact that there is a patent pending – honestly, for mixing 2 herbs and marketing the mix – shows you it must be quite true.  Especially as they first take time to call every bit of research done on the competition, Echinacea, “inconclusive”.)

Now let me get on with writing those books on stalking and debauchery.  (I hear the Ark chuckling… )

14 thoughts on “Sleepless and flued up

  1. Sorry you are suffering – get well soon!
    Hey, if I have a book with lots of scenes of rutting animals high on Sclerocarya birrea, and people sneaking up on them with guns, d’you think I’ll have a best-seller?

    • hahahaha 😀 Sorry but that’s hilarious. Wait – you don’t mean Loxodonta africana? Is it a graphic novel? You might just have a winner. As for the people with guns, if there were a second brigade of people with guns sneaking up on the people with guns, I think that would complete the picture.

      Yup, I think that would sell.

    • *excitedly* Or the people with guns getting high on Leonotis leonuris while sitting high on Loxodonta africana which were getting high on Sclerocarya birrea? High adventure!

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