Lenovo i3, G500

That’s the model.  I think.  But I can’t be sure anymore because they took everything – the computer, the box, the purchase note, EVERYthing.  I can’t even prove anymore that that was the machine I had.

Back then, the laptop was marked R8999.- on the shelves.  I remember clearly because I shopped high and low for a better price and there wasn’t one.  I didn’t buy it cash but via Vodacom – which is where their loophole comes in.  (I didn’t have a choice, last year after our robbery.)

They didn’t repair or replace my machine (though they did try to push a flimsy, poor-quality, lesser machine on me as “replacement” and I turned them down on that).  They “refunded” R6999.-, insisting that this had been the full purchase price (and of course as I’d bought it via Vodacom, I couldn’t prove otherwise).

“Why can’t I find an equivalent machine at that price?”

“There has been inflation.”

“So why wasn’t I reimbursed, adjusted for inflation?”

“It doesn’t work that way.  That was the purchase price.”

“But there has been inflation!”

“It doesn’t work that way.”  (SA’s crooks’ favourite phrase.)

But worse:  They didn’t refund cash (with which I might have bought an equivalent elsewhere).  They refunded an exclusive gift voucher, forcing me to buy my “replacement” at their setup (that I don’t want to touch with a bargepole anymore).  I was so upset on Thursday night, I couldn’t sleep.  Friday I felt so cheated, I didn’t even want to pick up that excuse of a “voucher”.  This is after they tried to convince me for a full half-hour on Thursday morning that a 1.9 gigahertz processor is the same as a 2.4 gigahertz processor, but 2.7 is astronomically more than 2.4.  It’s the blinking audacity of how stupid do they actually think their customers are.

Makro has a nice deal and they’d exchange the voucher – if it were a mastercard gift voucher, which of course it is not.  The Setup is trying to force me to take my replacement from them and nowhere else.

The shop is simply one setup of incredible corruption.

So, blogpals, hang tight, I’m still computerless and by now wondering if I ought to take them to court.  Haha, as though I could pay a lawyer!


9 thoughts on “Lenovo i3, G500

  1. Why did they take your purchase note? Or rather, why did you not take a copy or something? Or get a receipt? There is no way I hand over incriminating evidence these days. Sorry. I’m probably pouring oil on it. Sounds like they have adjusted for inflation. Downwards. Don’t you have any consumer advice organisations? All sounds very dodgy to me 😦

    • PS I was fantasising about a new iMac, choice would be 1.4, 2.7 or 2.9. I wouldn’t even look at 1.4. Too slow for words. If dreams were real,mid look at 3+. Reality would be 2.7.

    • Why? Because they insisted I hand it over – box, charger, paperwork and all “so that” HQ could reimburse me. Bullying tactics left right and centre. It’s a matter of “if you want this to move forward at all, hand it over – but we can wait, there’s no rush, it’s not our problem after all”.

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