So she’s irreparable??

Got a call this morning about my computer.  Apparently, irreparable.  (She’ll be replaced instead.)

I asked what was wrong, and I’m quite certain I didn’t understand correctly.  Old parts?  In my brand spanking new lappie?  Not yet a year old, bought out of the box?  How on Earth did old parts get in there??

Oh, and that model is discontinued.  (Does that tell its own story, perhaps?)  So I really hope the “equivalent” will actually have equivalent capacity etc,, not the monetary equivalent after a year’s inflation.

Wish we luck, everyone.


7 thoughts on “So she’s irreparable??

  1. That is the real outside edge of the rim of the limit!
    Just happened to us, too. MBH’s relatively new laptop deceased, and no transplants will be of any use. At least, the contents of the hard drive were transferred to a portable one.

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