Still no computer

So now we wait.

I forgot.  When they say 10 – 15 days they mean working days.  That means, 3 weeks, maybe four.  And we’re sitting in this country that sells all these overpriced rejects…

It is giving me time to mull about things though.  For instance that I haven’t seen my best friend from school since her mother’s book launch in 2012.  Haven’t had a girls night – alright, for years now, but haven’t met with friends other than the ones who are somehow involved with the studio, in months.  I wonder how one can live one’s entire life online.

And then there is the future.  I’m about to launch 3 young people into it, and with what preparation?  Ok, I taught them how to study well, that might account for something.  If it stuck, which I’m not always so sure of.  What kind of a future are they facing?

Many essential services are being automated, robotized.  The way typesetting disappeared 2 generations back:  Many other jobs are disappearing like that.  The Worker Ant State is being dismantled and the ants replaced with robots.  What kinds of professions will still be around?

And, will it mean that people will have more leisure time?  More time to keep themselves occupied, to live a little?  More time to read, play instruments, party a bit – or will they get more and more dependent on the drugs of computer games and… well, drugs?  Brave New World?

And what about those who are not Alphas and Betas?  The “lesser clones” are being replaced with machines.  So what are they supposed to do?

Well, let me get offline before this ol’ computer drops the power and reboots itself again.  If I didn’t answer your comments pls forgive.  It takes 5 minutes from one screen to the next.  I will catch up on all comments once I have the means again.


2 thoughts on “Still no computer

    • Myself; I’m impressed that the images on the web load at all! Currently downloading Filezilla 3.6 or something, an oooold version, for this poor little machine. Wish I could simply upgrade the computer.

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