Do you remember the 80’s?  You bought a kettle and…  well, that was your kettle.  It just kept on working, until it rusted out.  30 years down the line.

My i3 is not yet a year in use.  And its motherboard has given in.  To the annoyance of the people who sold it to me, it’s still in warranty.  But to my annoyance they told me that the repairs, while they won’t cost me anything, will take 10 – 15 days.  That’s nice.  Take a motor mechanic’s toolbox away, or a dentist’s drills, or all the brushes and paints of an artist, for 15 days.  At least they didn’t take my violin!

I’ll be back when I’ve got my machine back.  Working on a borrowed & ancient computer here (I think it’s a 486), and apart from it being slow, I’m scared I’ll break it.  So, hasta la vista my friends, see you when I see you.

Just to stimulate some annoyance, here’s an interesting piccie.  If you’re buying food that comes in any kind of packaging, you’re buying it from one of these 10 companies:

Food Piracy

The 10 Companies that own the world’s food supply


8 thoughts on “Hamstrung

  1. Don’t see anything I buy in that poster. But the only things in packages here are dog biscuits made by a Yorkshire firm, dried pasta and TVP.

    Computers. My MacBookPro stuffed up, helpfully just outside its one year warranty. Turned out to be the logic board and it was away for months. I had to buy a poxy HP to keep me going in the interim. Some of the keys on the Pro aren’t working (prob full of dust and dogs hairs) and the other keyboard I’ve connected up failed me last night. I feel a new computer coming on after 8 or 9 years, which I suppose isn’t too bad, but I do wish things would last forever.

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