Want to Get Rid of Vaccine Exemptions? It’s Not Just About Kids.

True colours coming through

Levi Quackenboss

Are you the type to pile on the vaccine exemption bonfire right now, demanding to eliminate all philosophical and religious exemptions?  Do you think it’s a great idea to only allow the medical exemptions that are all but impossible to find a doctor to put their license on the line for?  I hope you’re excited to get the shingles vaccine because you’re burning your own bridge to opt out of it.

manvaxAll of the pending vaccine exemption legislation is just the tip of the iceberg in making America the most over-vaccinated country in the world.  If these bills are passed and exemptions are abolished, the government and its inbred pharmaceutical sisters will be poised to tie all state and federal licenses and benefits to you being up-to-date on vaccinations, no matter how old you are.

Want the state to intervene on your behalf and garnish your deadbeat ex-husband’s wages for…

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7 thoughts on “Want to Get Rid of Vaccine Exemptions? It’s Not Just About Kids.

  1. Our dogs have come down with a cold – upper respiratory infection( maybe Kennel Cough?) – and this was quite a timely post as after a few clicks I became extremely uncomfortable about the entire animal vaccine thing.
    I can honestly say I am happy I don’t have to worry about such things regarding my kids anymore.
    And I was also relieved to be reminded by Ems that the dogs do not get ”top ups” either.

    Some of the info is quite disturbing.

    • Yes, one could use the same arguments for vaccinating pets, but of course they won’t have to earn an income one day, pass school & college and whatever else they need to do. I have a s-i-l who 100% refused to vaccinate her kittens. Of course there is always a remote chance of them catching rabies…

    • But with the rabies vaccine, once is considered enough.
      There really is no need for ”top ups” according to everything I have read so far.
      Those responsible for manufacture/production have never bothered to discourage this erroneous belief and tis includes certain statutes that are on the law books
      Furthermore, with so many of the vaccines apparently carrying the potential of being toxic they can react at a cellular level. (DNA?) But I am no medical professional.

    • Maybe not but there is nothing wrong with your logic. The theory of the vaccine says that once ought to be enough. The old vaccines seem to stick to that standard, to a large part (though I do remember getting my booster vaccines when I was 5).

    • It’s just pretty freaky that one can opt out of receiving a newsletter but not of receiving a potentially lethal biological agent injected directly into one’s blood or muscle.

    • It’s USA. Things happen there. I’m very scared of that country. Children get abducted by the medical system via a “legal” process and then used as guinea pigs. I would not put it past the Big Pharma to make everything dependent on your vaxxes once that piece of legislation is approved.

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