What to do on Valentines if you have no Valentine



Picnic for One

If you are alone, book the date in your calendar.  With yourself.  Go to your favourite delicatessen store and buy an exquisite picnic for one, complete with baby champagne (and one of your best glasses, if you don’t have one, now is the time to buy one); your favourite expensive chocolate or pralines, some delicious fruit and finger food treats, etc.  Also go out and buy a nice, soppy love story.  Yeah yeah I know we all have too much self-respect to read these, usually…  actually on Valentines, or whenever you’re sad, they make some pretty good escapism!

Then pack your picnic basket with as much care as though it were for you and your forever-one; don’t forget a picnic blanket to sit on (wet countries have… well, wetness, and hot countries have ants).  Find a green place, book a tree and sit under that tree reading all day long.  Oh: And leave your cellphone at home “by accident” so that nobody can spoil this for you, or tell people in advance you’re not available that time.

If you have children:



There’s nothing quite as lonely as having a partner who doesn’t want to play.

But your children do!  Create precious memories by taking them on a Valentines’ picnic, or decorating the house with red-and-white balloons, cranking up the music and dancing around with them.  Play some board games with them, or kick a ball around the garden with them – make sure you all have fun.  There is no point in being sad if there is an opportunity to grab the moment.


Loved and lost

remembrance candle

There is a third possibility, and that is that your spouse passed away.

If this is the case, and you miss him on Valentines, it is a good day to remember all the wonderful times you had together.  Perhaps, to go through photos, light candles and have a good hearty cry.  If you know someone who has lost a spouse or life partner, maybe remember them on Valentines by calling them or sending a flower.


Make it happen.

If you are the romantic,  don’t expect these occasions to come to you.  Create them.  It’s your life, and in the end, your memories.  Counting on others to do it for you is counterproductive as the chances are if you are a romantic, whoever you envision as your Valentine is less romantic than you are and whatever you expect, will not transpire.  Rather create your own occasion, and when they look up and notice and want to take part (who doesn’t like a party), it’s your choice to “aw…  well….  alright” them or to tell them that you’re booked.




5 thoughts on “What to do on Valentines if you have no Valentine

  1. Valentine’s day should not be a big deal. But, when you’re alone, it kinda becomes that.
    Your idea is just brilliant L.
    I hope l will be alone at home on that day. Have the perfect tree in my back yard, close to tunes and a loo. Can spend the whole day, quietly being peaceful…

    • Wonderful! 🙂 Don’t forget the choc and wine…

      Btw who says Valentines should not be a big deal? It’s a massive deal – for 90% of us it’s a reminder that nobody is madly enough in love with us to bother remembering.

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