So quiet, so long….

Hi Blogpals.  Sorry, I’ve been snowed under, over and through, therefore not much chance to blog.

I now have 3 offspring in 3 different schools.  A far cry from the snug little homeschooling family!  (Oh man do I miss those days!)

The Studio is kicking off, like every year, with some retained students and some new.  We shall see what this week brings.  In January these things change rapidly.

P’kaboo Bookclub will resume its coffee chats on Monday nights.  Please keep in mind:

  • Every “player” who enters, influences the conversation.  Come!  We need more voices!
  • Where the conversation goes, is up to you.
  • You are also welcome to start extra conversations.  The whole idea with authors and readers meeting up in a virtual book club is to have fun together.  Authors are welcome to exchange notes and crits on writing styles and techniques; readers are welcome to let rip about what books they’ve read and what they liked (or not) about them.  I’ve seen discussions in Goodreads forums that nearly turned into blog wars.
  • Go for it, throw in your ideas.  It’s a platform.  For instance:  What’s your stance on fan fiction?  Don’t wait for me to come up with new thoughts – go wild!  It is your club.

Bought myself an old-fashioned hard-cover diary today.  Those who know me:  I’m not 100% a technophobe, really not, I probably have some good background about computers, growing up with a father who was in software development from 1970.  (You ask, “software? In 1970?”  That’s what I mean.)  I was the first kid who knew about mainframes, magnetic strips, punch cards, Ascii code, Unix “machines” etc.  This was way before the Commodore 64.  And one doesn’t figure out web design in “hard code” by being a technophobe.  But:

Having used Nokia phones for 15 years now, I got to the top of their bloom – and that’s the phone that was stolen.  It had no touch-screen; it had buttons plus a super camera.  I could sms with 2 thumbs faster than you can type with 10 fingers.   I waded into the sea with it and got it soaked in salt water and it still worked.  But they stole it.  And so, with a great sigh, I accepted my “up”grade…

Why would one want a qwerty keyboard that is so flippen’ tiny that one cannot work it with 10 fingers?  How is that an improvement over the buttons and fast text?  Now I have to type click-by-click, vulture-style, and the auto-correct really messes it up if I’m typing German or Afrikaans.  They’ve slowed me down!!  That’s not the idea behind an “up”grade!  Putting a qwerty keyboard onto a nano touchscreen is not an improvement; it’s a square wheel award.

square tire

What else is on the agenda for this year?  I’d be scared to say.  We shall see.



One of the great philosophers said something about being happy like a child:  For no reason.  Because if you have a reason you’re in trouble as the reason can be taken from you.


4 thoughts on “So quiet, so long….

    • 😀 Don’t worry, you’re with the fashion. Phones have been moving back to being “bricks” (2-dimensional bricks by now but no less unwieldy).

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