Hark to the Bells

bellsThe first half of the music workshop is behind us, so far the participants had fun, and I’m hoping that they will practice a bit in this week.  The second half is coming up on Saturday.

There was a birthday too, “all I want for Christmas is for someone to remember my December birthday”.  The whole family was there, I mean the whole extended family, all 15 of us, the only ones missing were the people overseas.

And then there is The Feast itself.  I’m very fearful of it this year as it’s my turn again to host it (I wouldn’t yield my turn to someone else, but still…).  Currently the house is full of streamers, balloons and birthday bits, and we have an agreement with our kids that birthdays are birth weeks, because otherwise it’s so short anyway.  But that leaves me a whopping 3 days to decorate for Christmas.  😛

P’kaboo is closed – except for orders, I have a few deliveries to make, and we’re open for that throughout (you might wait a little bit, but what hey).  The whole machinery restarts in the first week of January.  Unlike the Studio which restarts in the second week but has not closed yet.

Anyway here are some bells for you to hark to:


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