Crime pays

It took only a few seconds yesterday for the two professional thieves that hound Brooklyn, to break into my friend’s car and steal her laptop.  One could not even see the laptop from outside, but they knew it was there:  They had been observing her bring her child to violin lessons many a Thursday afternoon, and were waiting for the moment she’d be too tired to take her laptop into the class with her.

No, you never leave a laptop (or anything of value) in your vehicle.  True.  But surely it’s still illegal to steal it?  They were lying in wait for her.  I suspect if they hadn’t been interrupted by passersby (yet they got away), they would have taken the car.

The police are despondent.  They are not even allowed to speak up, or the media would flow over with their messages…  they get fired if they do.

I have revised my own opinion of feeling sorry for the crawlers that broke into our home.  I understand that professional thieves are millionaires.  Crime really pays.  A hijacker was followed by a policeman.  The hijacker was in possession of unlicensed firearms (it would not surprise me if we’re talking an assault rifle), and the policeman shot him while he was getting away – shot him in the foot.  The criminal was caught and convicted; got out on bail; a year later, the criminal opens an “attempted murder” case against the police officer and wins!  The police officer was fired.  For doing his job.

The police have already arrested the thieves of my friend’s laptop three times; had them in court three times; and the buggers get out on bail for a ridiculously low bribe.

I vote the following:

Bail should always be a minimum of R1000 for first-time offenders.  (Regardless the crime, because it’s nothing to do with the severity of the crime – everyone is always offered bail in this country – it’s to do with the wealth of the offender.  How is it possible that thieves are offered 50c bail if they have millions in their bank accounts?)

The second time, bail should be R 1 million.

At the third and any further arrest, bail should be no less than R10 million, multiplying by 10 with every offence.

If someone actually comes up with R1 million for bail, the source of the money (the benefactor or whoever) ought to be investigated closely for corruption and other offences.  All this ought to be done very publicly, newspaper coverage and all.  What top gangster bosses fear more than anything else is publicity.

Prison sentences ought to match the crime.  Someone caught speeding should for instance not be punished the same as someone who murdered a family.

Oh, wait, let me clarify this for this STUPID legal system in this country:  Someone who murders ought to be punished more severely than someone who speeds.  Because usually the prison sentences are different – the murderers tend to get off lightly.

Understand that with family murder, it’s not a first-time offence.  The first person you kill is your first offence, the second is your second and the third is your third, i.e. you’re going to pay minimum R1 million bail – which might be enough to prevent suicidal idiots from going through with something like that.  And in the case of farm murders, it will peel open who finances them… by the system of investigating the bribes “benefactor”.

And most importantly:  Judges should be audited.  The law ought to overrule the judge.  Heavy criminals should not be acquitted on technicalities (speak, more bribes).

Hey, and while I’m dreaming, I’d like a pony…


4 thoughts on “Crime pays

  1. The injustice of the legal system here boils my blood! As this a public forum and I most probably get arrested for sharing how I actually feel, I shall keep quiet and vent in silence

    • You know what, you get arrested for defending yourself against a burglar, or even for setting a trap that sprains his ankle (no kidding!). I feel the world needs to hear this. Is there ANYONE out there who can help against this gangster tyranny? UN? Where are you?

    • That’s it. But all the people involved in Thursday’s car-break were Africans, and each of the ladies had a crime story to tell. The criminals don’t let race stop them.

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