Almost out of the Woods

It’s crazy how busy this end of the year suddenly got.

We had a lovely time with P’kaboo author Carmen Capuano in the P’kaboo Book Club tonight; but one can feel the end-year pressure, there were only few of us.  The next big event coming up is the book sale at Glenstantia Library this weekend.

I’ve ditched any attempt at NaNoWriMo this year; after the initial 2 starts turned into dead-ends, I ran out of time to write.  I can hammer out a novel in record time, but not if I don’t have the peace of mind to simply let it flow.  And there’s in any case another book working at the back of my mind, “Valleylon”, the next in the Shooting Star series.  The crew is calling me, and I’m putting them off until the holiday…

On the Studio front, we’re giving a workshop (group, beginner to intermediate) in December, it’s going to be a lot of fun.  Do people still go in for fun?

What do books do for people?  Want to write down for me in the comments what books do for you?

Next Monday I think we’ll interview 3 musicians in the Book Club:  Louisa, Vincent and Andrew.  This ought to turn out very interesting.


Signing orff…












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