The Fairy Market on Sunday

I was waiting for the pictures to be developed & scanned before posting this.


Our stand: In the garden (Kitten and Moon Flower by Robin Shea)


Our book stand indoors



Some of the goodies there

Some more goodies

Some more goodies



The Fairy Room





More fairies

More fairies

More Fairies

More Fairies


Fairies at work (the stand right next to ours, btw)







Fairy Amelda from “Fairy Folk” Party services.

Most of the patrons were either elderly (coming for the charity stand right at the entrance that sells 2nd-hand goods at throw-away prices and donates all its takings to a needy school in Mamelodi), or kiddies of the quite young persuasion.


And lastly so you can hear them, too: ย Here’s something to listen to. ย (Sorry, the link will take you to Youtube.)





6 thoughts on “The Fairy Market on Sunday

  1. This site might interest you? Childrens and YA – I know they say with a focus on the N.American market but they also look at indie publishers as well.
    Interesting content nonetheless.


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