Fairy Folk Market, Murray Street

For the last several years I have been taking the children to visit the Fairy Folk Christmas Market every year.

The market happens in early November for a single weekend, inside a house with an exquisite garden.  Stalls display anything from second-hand knick-knacks, precious jewellery and amazing glass art beads, hand-made and not-so-handmade stylish Christmas decorations; second-hand books, clothes, there are activities for the children (last year there was face painting and sand painting), and the place is looked after by Fairy Folk.

There is a lovely tea garden which gets very busy, in a corner under a lapa.  And in the house, except for tables upon tables of Christmas gifts, gift ideas, delicacies and deco, there is an entire room dedicated to children, fairy tales, fairy dust, costumes, colouring books and toys, etc.

This year I’m going to be one of the stall holders, displaying P’kaboo’s reads and our music. If the weather holds, I’ll be outside; otherwise inside, at  the entrance to the fairy room.


We have more to put on that stand by now.


I have pictures of the Fairy Folk fair last year, but I can’t find them!  Would love to give you a glimpse into their magical garden.




11 thoughts on “Fairy Folk Market, Murray Street

    • Lupa is in there, 100%. Setting up this morning. Hope they’ll let me use my large P’kaboo book stand, otherwise the books will get a little shelf space instead. Still I’m happy that I can be there. We’ll be outdoors if the weather holds. 🙂

  1. Off topic, but still with writing. I notice there are a fair few NaMo thingy writers around blogland.
    Maybe if you want a few submissions do a couple of posts?
    Could be productive? Maybe there’s a JK or Dan Brown out there?
    Just a thought?

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