29th November ebook promo

We all know that a paperback is worth more than an ebook – because you can pick it up, it has weight, dimension, volume…  and an ebook is only a file, right?

Haha – wrong!  (Got you all, didn’t I?)

On 29th November we are holding a BIG ebook sale at Glenstantia Library.

You know, the one in Isie Smuts road, off Garsfontein.

Of course we will have some paperbacks there as well. for those hard-core readers who want to absorb the words through their fingertips.  Only of the paperbacks that are already launched, alas.

We will also be having coffee and tea there, if you want to join us for a chat.  We’re inviting the P’kaboo Book Club.

glenstantia bib2 library

(The Glenstantia Library is an incredibly busy and creative community centre.)


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