What’s it all about, Alfie?

Currently listening to compositions by a young South African composer, Vincent van Rooyen.  Absolutely beautiful stuff.

Sometimes I really can’t understand the world.  It seems to be divided into us – and then, people whose prime and solitary gold – I mean, goal, is money.

Sure, money is important.  But how important?

Is it more important than family?  Is it more important than your own psyche?  Is it worth riding rough-shod over other people’s rights, possessions and feelings?

Certain things make 100% financial sense.  But (I’ll just make up an example here) let’s say for argument you have a distant relative who died rich and childless.  You’ve possibly met her once or twice but she wasn’t someone you were in close contact with.  She willed her fortune (which might have come to you) to some charity organization.  To what length would you go to dispute this, to get your hands on that “inheritance”?

I find that when I get into talks with someone like that over someone like that, I can’t keep up a conversation.  I walk away.  And now something like that (not a fortune, alas, just a functional item of which I already have one, albeit a much older one) is being launched at me and the person (who is dear to me) can’t understand why I don’t want it.  It’s not mine to take, or to use; and it’s not hers to give.  To be more obscure, someone else who’s also dear to me would reap the disadvantage of the whole thing.

I will not be made guilty of that.  Period.  I don’t need the item that’s being offered, as I already have a functional one (though mine is much older).  And now I’m being called all kinds of stupid for turning the offer down.  But that is exactly my point – people who place finances above personal issues will never understand people who feel the opposite.

It’s an issue I don’t need right now.  It’s a knock-on effect from someone else’s problem.  I have my own problems, I don’t need to take another’s monkey.  At least I know my own monkeys, I run that circus.  Anyone else out there who doesn’t want charity especially if it is going to cost someone else a price?

8 thoughts on “What’s it all about, Alfie?

  1. I would not dispute it for a second. It is not mine. The relation worked ( I presume) for their wealth ( be it plain cash or in the form of material acquisitions) and thus has every right to dispose of it as they wish.

    But if something was offered me ( inheritance etc) – whether I needed it or not – I would accept it with grace as the person giving it obviously thinks/thought enough about me to give me something.
    I believe if one cannot accept the gifts life offers, be they small or large – then it inadvertently creates a selfish person.

    • Well yes, I understand that being obscure can go to far and create misunderstandings. The point is, in order to get that one I’ll have to sell my own. And I’m just at the point where I’m beginning to see the light with my car, everything that was broken has been fixed with a few exceptions and the long list is now really short; whereas the other one is in unknown condition and (if I have to guess) on the point of beginning that long list. But that’s not even the consideration here. It’s not hers to give and not mine to take; it belongs to a third person (who doesn’t want to drive it but can certainly do with the money if it’s sold). That’s the end of that, that seals it for me. Pasta, as they say.

  2. ‘Charity’ is a function of inequality.

    A gift bequeathed by someone who values me is a different matter. I would accept it. The donor, as someone who values me, would not entail it, and if I didn’t need it I would pay it forward in the donor’s name.

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