Why NanoWrimo?

This is a question I asked myself for a few years, when others prompted me to participate. “Nah, I don’t do competitions.” That’s basically it: I’m not a competitive person. I hate rivalry, petty jealousy and all that nonsense. I think someone once told us (at our matric farewell, no less) that life is a competition. I remember thinking back then, “in your dreams, sir.”

But somehow I participated last year, anyway.  Why?  Not because it’s a competition.  Because it’s a challenge.  I love a challenge.  And did it pay off!  Here is what I got out of it:

  • A fun novel (“Arcana”, the story of Ivy Pennington, accidental witch)
  • All the fun from writing a novel from beginning to end
  • a reminder that I’m a writer and that I can pull it off
  • all my inspiration refreshed, and my vooma and gusto for not only writing but publishing
  • fun, fun, fun!

It is incredibly important that one grabs a challenge when it’s set.  Actually the best challenge I can get is if someone says “it can’t be done” when I know I can do it.

This year I’m raising the stakes!

I’m going to participate again – at least, I’ll do my level best to try (the worst that can happen is that I run out of inspiration as I’m a “pantser”, one of those believers in hard-core spontaneity).  But additionally to that, I’m looking for authors who would like to approach P’kaboo for publishing when they are finished.  Especially young authors.

In the interim, feel free to pop a comment here if you’re participating in Nano.  I’d like to follow your progress.

…pumpkin time, I’m signing off…








13 thoughts on “Why NanoWrimo?

    • 😀 Yea yesterday was fun, but as I promised, I won’t use those ideas (any and all of you are welcome to them, it was a group effort). The book I’m challenging myself to write is one of 3 possible ones that have been haunting the back of my mind for a while.

      I’m a total “pantser” when it comes to writing, spontaneity is all, which is already why a pre-cooked plot is not really my case. Once a novel is written I go back and edit thoroughly, but while I’m laying track, I love being as surprised as everyone else at what happens next. 😉

  1. Even I can’t find it.

    Ah …. thought it was me. Hope it hasn’t disparued into the ether? Maybe you still have it on your email notifications, Marie? Please could you look?

  2. I’m not NaNo’ing this year, but I blasted through it last year after a pair of false starts in ’11 and ’12. I miss it, but I’ve got too much from the Real World Buffet on my plate this year and I’m busiiy polishing off the final draft of the 110K word novel that grew out of the novella I did for NaNoWriMo last year. Your reasons for participating echo mine, with one addition: I’m a busy guy outside my writing life and the creative work I enjoy has generally taken a back seat to those real world obligations. During the month of NaNoWriMo I forced myself to put the writing first, and it changed my life. I can’t think of a better way to get ambitious hopefuls to take that step towards being the real deal.

    • You nailed it. In fact I’m copping out this year after all, because my life just got unbelievably hectic on all other levels. It was lovely to switch off completely last year and run with it, but this year that’s simply not possible. The first running I’ll be able to do is in the Christmas holidays, and they’re always too short…

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