An eventful week finished (*phew*)

This week was particularly busy and strange.

Firstly there were the violin exams.

Both young violinists I had enrolled (one of them being my own little Miss Meg) seem to have acquitted themselves nicely of the job of entertaining an examiner from Glasgow for somewhere between 13 and 23 minutes each.  The older one, my Gr 7 student, left feeling fine, but little Miss nearly had a nervous breakdown.  Unusual for a child who has practically grown up on stage, who has stood and performed countless times, who has even helped others; who was the one dishing out fairy dust last year so the others wouldn’t be so nervous.  Well, she got her waffles and ice cream reward afterwards.

Rewards: waffle & Ice Cream


Junkmail (where I advertise my studio regularly) invited me to write a post for their official blog.

I’m still hyperventilating from this.  Ezine Articles has all sorts of weird and wonderful style posts but the posts on Junkmail are professional, informative, and need to be right.  It’s hard to explain how this can mean such a lot to me:  They are a professional newspaper for advertising (despite the name which has its reasons).  If Rekord had asked me to write an article for them it would feel the same.  At any rate, click the link or the image and you’ll get there.


From the article in Junkmail



In the interim my oldest is loaded down with projects for

Art and Design,

and her exams for her second-last year start this week.


RSR painting blue crane on Heritage Day (the national flag was obligatory somewhere in the pic)


… and when I looked up, my son is experimenting with building games.  Yes, PC games.

Well, I’d better let him.  Both the girls and I write; my young artist also paints; for my son, there’s got to be a modern outlet for his creativity.  Today, games.  Tomorrow, perhaps IT.  It’s a pretty good profession, and a great hobby.


On the publishing front:

“From My Cold, Undead Hand”

by Marie Marshall is now available in paperback on Amazon, and also available on Kindle.


Available on Amazon, in paperback and Kindle. And of course as P’kaboo ebook, in epub and e-pdf formats.


Another book of ours, this one by Honeymead Books, is available in paperback on Amazon now:

An Air that Kills

by Morgana Somerville

An Air That Kills

The story of two unequal companions, Mistress and Maid.  There is an element of humanity contained in this story, that the author brings close to us.  It’s hard to explain.  You need to read it.

And “Arcana” (by gipsika) is still on the first page of Epub Bud.


The story of Ivy Pennington, accidental witch.



As usual, there are more projects in the burner,

but first of all now this oncoming Friday, our Studio Concert.

Let’s hope all goes well.  I may not be online much; though I’ll definitely try to be in the P’kaboo Book Club around 8:30 pm on Monday evening, to entertain us all.  I’m hoping to have an author in there to interview, otherwise we can grab a book and pull it apart.

Your thoughts on this:

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