Let me Rephrase: Hooray! My book is on the first page of the publishing site “Epub Bud”.



Find the book at this link.

Or of course on Honeymead Books.




3 thoughts on “Let me Rephrase: Hooray! My book is on the first page of the publishing site “Epub Bud”.

  1. I have to admit that when I read the headline of this post I had no idea what you were talking about. It reminded me of this story from the late Alastair Cooke, who was British-born, US correspondent for the Manchester Guardian and later the BBC:

    ‘ I remember once, during a strike in New York when the salmon wasn’t coming in, there seemed to be a glut of bagels in the Jewish bakeries. In a whimsical moment I sent a cable to my editor warning him that I was about to put a piece on the wire to be entitled, “Lox Lag Brings Bagel Boom.” He cabled right back: “your message hopelessly garbled it reads lox lag brings bagel boom.” ‘

  2. Oh and btw (just as a tag to a previous post): Re “adult fiction”. Arcana is not “adult”; it falls under “general fiction” (not YA), but Epub does not have such a category. When rating a book they ask you questions such as, “this book is * specially written for children” or ” *not written for children but still safe for them to read”, or ” *contains and if you pick that option it gets classified as “adult fiction”.

    “Adult” in this context is not synonymous with, as some seem to think, porn. It merely means that it’s not exclusively for under-16’s.

    I don’t know where in their classification they would put explicit content (probably also under adult fiction) but I’ve never seen anything like that on their site. (Not that I searched specifically, either. There’s a limit on my time and I don’t know what boredom is.)

    Their classification system is:

    Ages 0-5
    Ages 6-9
    Ages 10-12
    Young Adult
    Adult Fiction
    Adult Non-Fiction

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