Thank you

I want to take a moment to thank my regulars (and also, as in the last incendiary topic I posted on, my irregulars such as Vincent MD), for reading, discussing and having a good debate.  Excellent points raised all round.   As I realized during the discussion, suitable tags for that post would have been books, SLVP, parenting rights, politics, misfiled books, censorship, young children, teenagers and young adults.

I haven’t ever closed comments on a discussion before so it took me a while to find the “button” for it :-).  Anyone want to know, I’ll tell you where.  And I haven’t closed the comments to be facetious but because the post is distracting me in that I return, return and return to answer more comments, but find that at this point some of the threads have turned circular.  Please don’t feel offended;  it’s not meant offensively but to protect my time (I’ve a few projects in the burner).

As kvennarad pointed out, this is an emotional topic.  Whenever there is such a topic, people tend to get into rounds of arguments. On the one hand more people come round to visit but on the other it can turn into an extreme time waster, unless you actually are an activist.  I’ve unsubscribed from “Causes” on Facebook because while my heart bleeds for the trees, the dolphins, the rivers and lakes of Canada, the little boy in Australia who needs justice, there are just too many.  Atlas was known to carry the world on his shoulder…

Atlas. I love this rendition




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