Beautiful boats

And btw I haven’t closed comments on ALL posts, only on that one that was keeping me busy.

Writing a bit of Shooting Star.  My oldest discussed with me that from the feel and the storyline, the Romanian sequel actually belongs to the Shooting Star series, as a prequel, rather than a tag onto the Solar Wind series which closes very firmly at the end of “The Morrigan”.

Manfred Spitzer, neurologist and developmental researcher, points out that screen time and internet-style reading reduces a person’s ability to read longer pieces, such as novels and other paperbacks.  This is interesting.  New studies also reveal that what was learnt from ebooks doesn’t go in as deeply or as easily as what is studied from old-fashioned paper textbooks.  The difference is the tactile sensation, and the physical, 3D permanence of the word on the paper page.  The human brain learns through all its senses, so yes – feeling the paper between your fingertips and curling the page while you’re reading actually helps you anchor what you are reading.

Here are some boats for you (oh look, there’s a fish…)





11 thoughts on “Beautiful boats

    • In posts, or here? Like being in a twenty-foot keelboat stuck surfing on a massive freak wave straight for Durban beachfront and unable to get off it safely? Or breaking a starboard mainstay meaning that we could sail happily away from shore but not back home – so having to climb the mast to repair it under way while heading in the general direction of Australia? Or being the only one of a big dinghy fleet to get back under sail after a Westerley Buster? Or sinking completely, and swimming in circles taking bearings on the spot the boat went down so that it could be refloated at midnight? Or racing in seas so massive that if one was in one trough the yacht in the next one, sails and all, was hidden by the intervening wave? Or sailing so closely in the company of dolphins that we could have reached out and touched them, and discovering they suffer from bad breath?
      Nah! Who’d be interested in any of that?

    • Yayy!! Yes please!! On your blog or here in the comments, but I think you’ll have better space on your blog. 😉 Pls also drop me a line when you do. You know the way I forget to visit…

    • nooo!

      Btw we’ve finally nailed Ark’s coffee man in the P’kaboo Book Club – want to swing round to facebook and help me ask him sticky questions? 😀

    • Btw re that top one: More or less the concept for the Shooting Star, except on a much larger basis. I might be ignoring current-day physics, I’m not sure, but then the whole boat rigging, lateral “wings” and all is Kovalski-bonded, so that settles that ;-). Shooting Star is about half the length of Solar Wind, has only 1 crew deck (and of course an outer deck and machine room in the hold) and starts out as a Unicate Pursuer, and gets remodeled by Federi and co into its final shape with sails and lateral “wings” (and of course all the other bells & whistles, Kovalski bonding, Perdita drives, Lolita coils, Salamanca drives…)

    • hehehe I put that in before I even posted the “fish”. Actually it was more in the line of changing the topic, as in “oh look, there goes a butterfly”. The “fish” in the pic was pure serendipity to underline a point 😉

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