One step forwards and two steps back

Sometimes life’s like wading through tough mud.

No sooner do I get “Mondays” going in the P’kaboo Book Club (it’s a Facebook group) than my internet connection bombs out and leaves me without connectivity for the critical hour (8h – 9h pm).  I think I’m online, I do other stuff on the computer and wait for that ‘ping’ that signals a comment in the group, and nothing, nothing… I think I’m alone here… echoes…  crickets…  crickets reverberating off the walls…  a ghost drifts by…  and then I discover that no, I wasn’t actually online!  My connection has bombed.  By the time it’s back up, the social hour (drinks on the house) in the Book Club is over, and two people have commented and wanted to start conversations, and others have come by to look and observe nothing happening…  aaarrrrgh!

Oh well.  It’s regardless, I’ll keep going, I’ll keep cranking the engine of that group on a Monday night, sooner or later people will notice.

I have three pet-hates for “sales” words (actually they are “no-sale words”) :

  • “Consignment”
  • “SOR”
  • “90 days”  (Both ways, either them wanting 90 days to pay me or wanting to only give the books 90 days to display rather than attempt to sell them)

“Them thar’s fighting words!”

And there are two key words that will seal a deal with me on the spot:

“Cash upfront”.

Oh and by the way…

That nice little place I posted, that is stocking some of our books and is considering a launch next year?

Don’t count on it.  For some obscure reason they got weird today.  (*shakes head*)  I’ll have to check with the main lady there if that was actually real, or just a mood of the other one; and what on Earth precipitated it.

But there are plenty of lovely, unique coffee shops in Pretoria (and I’m sure in the other places too) that would probably appreciate the patronage from a book launch.  It’s not as though we’re low on venues, on the contrary I feel quite divided as I have at least 3 places I’d love to give my loyalty to for the next launches and another 2 that invited us; this list includes bookshops, libraries and arty cafes.  (Special characters where are you?)

So, cheers!  And I’m calling on Ark for that author interview with his coffee maker in the P’kaboo Book Club.  Yesterday bombed out; next Monday better luck.  Monday Funday.


….signing off in Calligraffiti…



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