Good publicity: Tackling the Truth Denialists

Yes.  There isn’t much to add to that, the heading actually says it all.

Funny how such posts serve to draw out the trolls.  Sometimes I wonder why I even reply to their comments – why I allow them to goad me.  I have nothing to prove to them; those who read my blog regularly know my background, and those who are drawn only by a single post must be pretty professional lowbrows to presume the post has no history, no previous posts that relate to it.  But it’s in fact revealing to watch them in action.

They latch onto something in the post (some statement made in irony), and use that to take the whole comment line off-topic.  They trot out their well-worn arguments and links (that they re-use on every blog they invade – I know because I recognize those answers).   The arguments may have nothing to do with the post itself, or only touch it marginally…  like the two trolls on the vaccine post who concluded that I must not know about the rabies vaccine and the usual procedure, because I mentioned that there’s a commercial push to vaccinate all newborns against Hep B (which is an STD), but not against rabies.  The point was not the rabies vaccine but the herd mentality.  But if that’s too complex to discern for a blog troll, he must really think me stupid to believe him an MD.

Similarly a while back I reblogged an article from some or other newspaper, that the Arctic ice cap had been recovering.

By posting this I managed to trigger a climate troll who then turned into an instant expert on Arctic and Antarctic sea ice.  All the argument Climategaters always trot out, were launched at me, and then said troll made the mistake of directing me to a website where every objection a climate “denialist” can raise, is answered with a standard, rehearsed answer…  a no-brainer for those who want to win an argument.  The website was titled “how to win an argument against” and I found a whole series of those, by googling that phrase.  The “series” even includes how to win arguments against those who don’t believe in the Young Earth philosophy (heck I can’t get myself to call it a “theory”).

Let me try another piece of bait.

Apparently the ozone hole is recovering?

I did not read the article.  Let me repeat this for those who missed it:  I have not read the article I’ve just linked to.  Because this is a thought experiment.  I’ll be making some predictions.

I predict that either

1) the recovery of the ozone hole (which must be measurable or UN wouldn’t report on it) is credited to human intervention and reduction in emission gasses.  This in an era of unprecedented greenhouse gas emission:  (pls note it’s the same UN reporting on this).

Or, in the article I did not read,

2) the recovery of the ozone hole is credited to natural increase in ozone production driven by lightning, and by solar UV irradiation.

In the case of 1), it means that somehow, in an era of the fastest ever rate of emissions in history, we have managed to bring our emissions under control to a large enough extent that the ozone hole is recovering.  As you see this is a clear contradiction.

In the case of 2) it would mean that somehow, the ozone hole recovers naturally despite our emissions being higher than ever before.  Could that lead one to conclude that the ozone hole’s mechanisms are larger than all humankind’s emissions put together (and that, one step further, we perhaps didn’t cause it in the first place)?

Now I sit back and wait.  With some luck one of those experts will come swimming by and explain to me how this works, precisely, and why my conclusions (that human emissions don’t influence the ozone hole as much as we thought) are wrong.  “It’s not as simplistic as that”…  fine then:  enlighten me?  I’m rather curious how the climate “consensusists” will deal with this apparently obvious discrepancy.

But oh, so predictable…  (* sits back and waits… *)


8 thoughts on “Good publicity: Tackling the Truth Denialists

    • Or else you’d be a very drunk gambler. 😀 I think at this point the climategators are running out of arguments for the ozone hole… but I’m waiting in suspense: They are very creative, they’ll find something. I’m curious.

      Btw I 100% believe in Climate Change! The Climate is changing all the time! (If there isn’t a totally apparent climate change right now, just increase the time frame. We only emerged from an ice age twelve thousand back… so there has been Global Warming ever since, Q.E.D.)

    • So do I. I also believe that we can’t fail to affect it, and may well have given an already moving thing a hefty shove with all our emissions and pollutants, whether or not they are a root cause. We need to do four things: 1) Stop arguing about what actually caused/causes it; 2) minimise any further damage on our part; 3) repair what we can; 4) prepare to survive what we can’t. In the case of 4), I do NOT mean that the rich should start building bunkers and stockpiling food.

    • That’s so right it’s actually funny. Let them escape to Mars. Actually I would like them to go. Then we can have a decent chance on repairing the damage that was done.

      This bunkering up and stockpiling food reminds me of 1994. There was panic among South African whites; as a group we expected wholesale slaughter. So a lot of people did the illogical and stockpiled candles, canned food etc… They were only 20 years ahead of time, the time for candles is now as our Eskom power supplier is permanently wobbling. 😀

      Honestly I think the damage humans do is less to the Earth’s atmosphere (larger forces are at work there) and more to the actual plant covering and species diversity. Fracking, mining, rip-fishing, you name it. What concerns is the ruthless way in which rivers and lakes are poisoned with fracking by now. Fracking ought to be made 100% illegal, everywhere. We can also do worse than clean up the mid-Pacific garbage patch.

      In my next life I’ll be an ecoterrorist. Shamelessly. I’ll plant bombs in the factories that produce equipment for fracking, and bore holes in the bank accounts of people who want to destroy an ecohabitat for any kind of mining or delving, or even for “developing” (i.e. building a 5-story hotel on a pristine beach). I’ll be … ag read “Freedom Fighter” to get an impression. Earth trying to recover from damage done by the greedy.

      … and I’m still waiting for the electric or solar-driven car…

    • hehehe! The one YOU caused with your deodorant! 😀 It’s always puzzled me why the ozone hole is over the Antarctic places when the main perpetrators sit in North America!

    • It was all the CFC’s the Antarctic researchers used in their fridges.

      BTW I replied to that email re the interview thing …. did you get it or is your email still wonky?

    • 😀 You mean, the whole Antarctic ice shelf is man-made? WOW indeed!

      If you’re trying to email me, please try the address. I don’t know why my gmail sometimes throws out emails.

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