Happy Equinoxe

Yes yes I know it’s not spelt like that.  And “spelt” is actually one correct spelling for “spelled”.  (Col would know more details there.)

Pretoria is under partial cloud…  today I took my oldest birthday shopping and realized that a practical attitude has wrecked her capacity for wanting things.  What do I do??  Is it time to dig into the old wardrobes from the 80’s and hand down stuff I wore as a teenager?  For birthday?  Gosh I don’t think so!

The partially clouded weather gives me a partial, subliminal headache and hobbles my capacity to think straight.  I know there’s a pile of stuff I have to do, but what is it?  And we missed going somewhere green as we usually do on a Sunday – with the whole fam…  so I feel as though an opportunity was lost.  Will I ever understand my own life?

Anyway people, happy equally-long-days-and-nights-time-of-year, from here on we move into summer.  Non-stop, one-way, slip-sliding unstoppably towards the Christmas holidays (and first, the exams – oh horrors).  Throw me something I could do to get rid of this feeling of disconnectedness?

Yesterday Hubbs and I had a 23-years anniversary of the day we met.  That is a long time, and it’s weird to think how different our lives would have been, had we not.  By now it’s hard to tell how much of my becoming an entrepreneur, breaking out of the paid slavery systems and making my own choices was my own doing and by how much it was him egging me on.

Anyway signing off

… gipsika …




6 thoughts on “Happy Equinoxe

  1. We got seven years on ya. We married so soon after we met that it’s all the same. No point messing about – although never ask me why I got married, I have no answer.

    Archaic, so-called, spelling is fine. I’m a fan of rooves and hooves…

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