Work; tell.

A funny thing the publishing business.  You work like a madman behind the scenes (reminding of “The Swan” by Saint-Saens, gliding along slowly and gracefully across the lake – the madly paddling feet are hidden under the surface)  and then, just as you think you’re done, you remember:

Now you’ve got to tell everyone.

Well hey, guess what:

P’kaboo has just acquired marketing rights for the music books of Exclamation Studios!

Three of the main author’s books have already been uploaded and can be viewed in the Bookshop or at, the books’ feature page.  The pricing on each of these books is so far available by email; the Paypal buttons will be installed soon.

Blank bookcover with clipping pathBlank bookcover with clipping path Blank bookcover with clipping path

There are more books pending from Exclamation; all I’m waiting for is photos, materials and author bios.

The Association with Exclamation Studios is reciprocal.

If you are a musician, composer etc, Exclamation can help you get your music into a shape in which it can be sold.  They have expertise and all the facilities in recording, creating backing tracks for you, contacting the right musicians for your composition, and “typesetting” your music books.  Colonialist, are you listening?

Another matter:  Opportunity for young entrepreneurs

P’kaboo is looking for direct sales agents.  More here; but briefly, we are looking for motivated, energetic young people looking for direct sales experience (some training will be provided, either in person or by email and Skype).  The positions are commission-based only, but the commission is quite good, per sale.   Applicants need to be well-groomed, well-spoken and of course honest.  A letter of character reference from a respected source will help.

You will be selling, basically, what is available in the P’kaboo shop (everything except the electronic products).  The position is not suitable for people looking for a full-time income – unless you are very enterprising and know how to sell a lot of copies every day.

…as for the rest…

Yup.  I’m looking for a volunteer author whom we can pick apart in a gruelling question-answer session in the P’kaboo Book Club next Monday evening at 8h (South African time pls).  Poor Marie Marshall was grilled from all angles during her launch, about everything from what she was cooking to whether she can tolerate co-authoring (and a lot of surprises).

So for next Monday, I’m wondering if I could volunteer the author of the two novels, “Almost Dead in Suburbia” (P’kaboo) and “The Pourne Identity” (Honeymead Books); the one and only Douglas “Stoneface” Pearce?   C’mon Ark, tell your coffee maker to come and play in the P’kaboo Book Club?  (Surely he can get off work for one evening ;-). )

I’m intending to have author interviews and book discussions in the “Club” every Monday, if I can but keep it up.  It’s your group, folks!  It’s there to have fun.

Oh, and re Honeymead Books:

Honeymead is a site that is intended for books that are ever so slightly not quite suitable for children.  Why?  Because adults also want to have fun.  However the impression the SEO gives at this point is a bit over the top.  I have been chiselling at the P’kaboo site (and that is quite a large site now), and have not yet had a chance to fix Honeymead up a bit.  But please hang tight, it will happen.

In the interim, please note that “Pourne Identity” is NOT about porn.  How do you know Douglas Pearce?  It is, of course, a skit, a spoof, a lampooning.  Enjoy!


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