“What is the mark of a good parent?”

So here we are, launching Marie Marshall’s “From My Cold, Undead Hand” on the P’kaboo Book Club on Facebook.  (Yes, sorry guys, I didn’t do it on the blogs but on Facebook.)  Having a load of fun.  People who missed it:  A pity, but you can still go and add a comment or two (or 15) if you like, I believe the comments will continue for another while.

Around 9h, my youngest, my 10-year-old, suddenly stands there:  “Mom, what is the mark of a good parent?”

Hmm.  I look at her.  It’s Monday, and usually on Monday evenings we relax together, me and the orffspring; she knows this.  But she also knows that work is work, even if I happen to have fun doing it, and that this event was planned ahead.  (Moreover she really can’t complain.  We have a lot of fun times and special times, she’s really not deprived in that respect.)  So, what is she suddenly up to with that little manipulative question?

“What is the mark of a good parent?”

“One who makes sure her child is in bed on time!  You’ve been sent to bed three times already!  Now scoot!”

She laughs all the way up the stairs.


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