Quo Vadis Scribd? (Rant alert)

depressed fairy

Oh my oh my oh my! Scribd’s web stats have been taken over by preschoolers.

I’ll say it straight:

Scribd is one of my favourite platforms.

They (similar to Epub Bud, and unlike Author’s Den) don’t place limitations on how much you can publish.  (Author’s Den wants money.  With Epub, you can basically upload complete books – not really suitable for short pieces.)

They have an option (though I haven’t found it working for me) to sell books online via their shop.

They (better than Epub Bud ) have an extremely versatile platform that allows you to gather followers, you have a public profile where all your uploads are conveniently together, they have a stepwise indicator to show you how discoverable your uploads are, etc.

And they used to (similar to WordPress) have a very logical and complete stats setup.

To be frank, I also love publishing on Scribd because every time I do, within seconds I have the first bunch of views on my work.  Writers are verbal exhibitionists.  We love being “discovered”.  We love being centre of attention (just generally don’t ask us to make you a speech.  We’ll write you a letter instead).

Whenever I put something on Scribd (and they are very strict about not putting promotional lit on there – I’ve been burnt a couple of times there forgetting that rule), my web stats on P’kaboo go up.

If you click the links on the sidebar of this blog, they’ll mostly take you to pieces published on Scribd.  Why?  Convenience beyond blogging.



Recently I have had reason to change my Scribd avatar to “depressed fairy”.  I already contacted them a week back about this issue and have had no response.  Unlike Amazon and in fact most official book places which, if you contact them, get back to you in 24-48 hours.

I had over 20K views on my stuff there.  A lot of them on the excerpt from “Freedom Fighter”, “Pirate Politics”.

I have over 850 followers there.

When I looked last, Scribd had done a web-redesign and removed my stats and arbitrarily let me have 704 views (in total).  Now I have more followers than views.  As we say here in SA:  “Die logika ontbreek.” *

I accessed my stats page – you can’t see anything beyond the current month.

This is a glitch.  Can happen to the best.  But not responding to someone reporting it?

Please, Scribd.  Re-hire your previous team of designers.  I don’t think the current lot is up to the job.



*”Die logika ontbreek” – logic has gone missing.  But the complete impression of that phrase is closer to a square-wheel award, a Darwin award, “die perd van agter opsaal” (putting the saddle on the horse from behind), “die pot mis-sit” (sitting down on the potty but missing it), you get the idea.



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