Pretorium tremens

Yup there was a tremor in South Africa today.  One of the most stable parts of the world, no tidal waves, no blizzards, no hurricanes, no volcanic eruptions, no twisters, and hardly ever a (small) earthquake, that usually originates from mining activities.

Well this one apparently didn’t.  Its epicenter has been calculated to be 10 km down, near Orkney.  No mine goes that deep, in fact nothing man-made (unless “Virgil” from “The Core” is at work here).  Of course you immediately got the self-flaggelating greenies going “we only have ourselves to blame” – mighty powerful feeling that, isn’t it, to be able to believe that humankind can start an earthquake of 5.3 at 10km depth!   My, we are downright gods!

According to sources this tremor was felt all the way up to Botswana!

Hubbs was in the bathroom at the time.  I asked him whether he’d felt the shake (I had literally seen the walls move), and he immediately apologized, promising to lie lower on eating onions.

When I got to see my kids, my two older ones hadn’t felt the quake but were aware of it; my monkey said she’d felt it clearly and half of her class fell off their chairs!  (I would have loved to see that.)  Also, my oldest reported that in a friend’s class, they were doing Macbeth, and the teacher had just intoned “That darkness does the face of earth entomb,” when the tremor started.

I’m now really really going to watch (or read) Dune.

10 km down is still in the Earth’s crust, not mantle. What were they trying to mine there?

“Virgil” from the movie “Core” was obviously trying to surface near Orkney… wrong location, dudes, wayy off track!


One of these trying to surface (and bumping its nose on a massive granite slab)?


11 thoughts on “Pretorium tremens

    • Yup, indeed. Should have seen me bolt for the door! Of course my little monkey informed me afterwards that that was the wrong move, I should have crawled in under a table.

      Humpff! As though a pine table could protect me from a whole collapsing top storey?

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