With the

Weekend coming up, there is a list of things I have to fit around events happening.

It’s Friday, so the Cubs will be needing my input again (in the interim while we’re looking for someone who is keen to take over the function of Akela).  I love working with the Cubs but don’t have the stamina or the time that is required for an Akela.  It’s a volunteer position that takes up about as much time in one’s life as P’kaboo does in mine.  It’s not just about the Friday nights.

Then, thank the STARS!, the chamber music ensemble is finally getting back together.  We’ve found a willing victim who plays cello.  That was the limiting factor.

Tomorrow there is both a business get-together, and a family get-together for Hubbs’ birthday.

And from the week, which was luckily very busy with violin lessons and less luckily, hampered by power cuts, I have a backlog of P’kaboo projects on my plate.

  • Finishing touches to “From My Cold Undead Hand”, by Marie Marshall
  • Reading a submission by a new author
  • Writing a synopsis for a book  (I dread synopses, mine keep turning into blurbs or reviews by accident)
  • Making progress on proof-and-flow-editing another, a big volume of wonderful classical children’s fantasy (“Darx Circle”, by Les Noble)
  • Figuring out formats and getting quotes for yet another (a beautiful children’s fairy tale by an extremely shy and reclusive author)
  • Where do all these terribly shy and reclusive authors pop out of ?  It makes the marketing fairy complex!

The Shooting Star’s crew has been clamouring for my attention, but…  sorry crew, hang in there… there simply wasn’t a minute.

My current diversion while waiting for students:  Practicing this (I don’t sound like that though – don’t look like that, either!)


Here’s for a completely different take:  😀


On that high note, let’s get on with the weekend!



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