“Gee my krag”

“Krag – gee my krag” sings Troubadour Iain on his album, “Krag”.

It’s of course about Eishkom’s perpetural “power kaks”. Otherwise known as “Load sh*tting.” We sacrificed a fridge to their randomness.

Well they are at it again; we’ve been without power now since last night 8pm (sharp). Except for (ready for this:) 1h am last night on the clock, the power came back, just to be switched off again as the alarm went (the alarm clock, alright) at 6 am sharp. Go figure?

People who stocked up on candles in the 1994 pre-elections paranoia (who remembers this) were accurate – but premature. Now is the time those thousands of candles, the gas bottles, gas cookers, stashed-up clean water etc come into play. We sat without water for 3 days, about 2 weeks back. No sooner has the pain of that subsided, and the power goes…

The album is available at P’kaboo of course, songs like his are more or less the only positive thing that comes out of this breakdown of the infrastructure.

Krag album

Krag en ander stories


6 thoughts on ““Gee my krag”

  1. And the trouble is that it makes one feel so powerless! But actually welcoming re-volting behaviour. Now, of course, their wekkers want an increase for the service they’re not delivering.

    • They do – but they think for their own pocket, not for governing a country. Plans for 10 or 12 additional power stations were already drawn up in the 80’s and early 90’s but were brushed aside by the management of Eskom as an unnecessary expense (though the budget was available). Instead, incompetence bonuses were paid out liberally, and by now that is where all that budget has disappeared.

      If we could only find a way to get a grip on government corruption (and corporate corruption), all problems would disappear into thin air. I mean that.

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