Quick update

Bit busy, sorry about the silence.

Web work:  The following pages have been updated:

Lupa, book feature page

A Tensional Guitarist, book feature page

Marie Marshall, author page

Leslie Hyla Winton Noble, author page


This is the second “batch” of pages that are updated; the first were those pages that are accessed directly from the main menu of the P’kaboo home page.  As for now, I’m going according to clicks – the pages that are being clicked most, get their updates first.  P’kaboo is a big site with a lot of pages.


We’re working on the following titles:

“From My Cold Undead Hand” by Marie Marshall 

“Darx Circle” by Leslie Noble

“The Morrigan” (Solar Wind 5, Lyz Russo)

There are also three manuscripts in submission by authors who have not appeared previously on our site.


Going along, very busy.


13th St Patrick’s Cubs Pack:

Currently urgently in need of an Akela, as our current Akela is only there temporarily and is planning to move.  We’re holding the pack together with her help, and the help of the Scoutmaster (meaning that he does double duty on a Friday, first leading the Cubs and then the Scouts), and assistants.

If there is anyone out there who is involved with 13th St Patrick’s who is willing to go into uniform and become the new Akela, please would you step forward?  13th St Patricks is that Cubs and Scouts troupe that regularly wins the Field Day.  You’ll spot them easily.


And now after Hubbs’ birthday today, and all sorts of other commotion, let me run…


2 thoughts on “Quick update

    • Thanks! 🙂 Funny how every year or so the web fashion changes. Two years back, the “grey and link” look was unacceptable, and now it’s “in”.

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