The Matrix

We just watched all three sequels of “The Matrix”.

There are certain things that strike one as quaint about the movies. Those “state-of-the-art” computers with the CRT screens. “Brick” cellphones that went out of fashion 10 years back. But regardless, it’s a deep, worrying movie. The solipsistic concept that everything you see and experience is imagined. That creepy idea of the AI machines harvesting humans for their energy. The idea of humans living in a constructed world has been redone a few times, with the Truman Show and a few others.

“There is no spoon.” Still it surprises me that Neo only gets the idea right once that it’s all an illusion, when he fights and kills that Smith program for the first time. I’d have expected him to challenge the Matrix every time he was in it. And what puzzles me too is how they manage to pluck people right from the Matrix.

Equally chilling thought: In the end the Architect promises to free all the humans in the Matrix, out of sheer consequence. But free them to what? A burnt-out, bombed-out desert world with no sky? A life underground in a city of shafts?

I must go to sleep now.

Watch this space – “From my Cold Undead Hand” is heading towards completion at lightning speed.


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