Watch out for ‘From My Cold, Undead Hand’!

Well-written, fast-moving, and you’d better keep up with the tango…

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Our client Marie Marshall was asked by her publisher if she could write a teen-vampire novel, and her answer was simply to write one – From My Cold, Undead Hand. She told us:

It’s both an easy and a difficult genre to write in. It’s full of ready-made tropes and pre-existing vampire ‘lore’, and of course it has a cult-genre following of highly critical fans. Basically a writer has two choices: Buffy or Twilight. By that I mean one has to chose between writing about vampire hunters, or teenage romances with vampires. Then one has either to avoid cliché… ahem… like the plague, or embrace the clichés and go nuts with them.

So, which story-line has Marie decided to go down?

Well, I chose the vampire-hunter angle, as it gave me the opportunity to create a strong, young, female protagonist.

FMCUH bookseeker imageMarie is adept at those strong, female protagonists…

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