Oh, Pullman!


Phillip Pullman dressed up as Long John Silver

So this is Pullman. 😉

A tweet took me to this amazing article in the BBC news,

where authors are having fun (at least we’re hoping they are having fun) dressing up as their favourite story characters. Go have a look, I’ve only pirated 3 of the photos, there are quite a number.

  • pic

    Terry Pratchett dressed up as Just William

  • pic

    Neill Gaiman as Badger from “The Wind in the Willows”

Funny that I should come across that just around the same time my little girl & Little Cousin are at a holiday club and my Little Sis has lots of fun dressing them up for it.


Crazy Red day


“Storm” and “The Incredible Hulk” (!!)

8 thoughts on “Oh, Pullman!

  1. You’d think they would have dressed up as characters from their own books.
    I’d take the Black Prince, from Baa.
    What would you choose from yours? Federi would be a bit too difficult!

    • Hehe! And I’m too fat to be Perdita or Ailyss… I know! Benita d’Araujo. Or possibly the Motherly Melanie from Prime.

      Yup, the Black Prince would definitely suit you.

    • :-)) You would indeed! But not to fear – my sis would be able to design a costume for you in a flash. She’s just turned Little Cousin into Elvis and little daughter into Hannah Montana (the young Hannah, not what Miley has become).

  2. I doubt Richmal Compton envisaged William with such a prodigious beard, to be honest.
    I certainly never did, and I must have read quite a number of William books. 😉

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