Sending your sick child to school

This blog post above summarizes it in a way I couldn’t.  It’s that AHA! moment.  Maybe even a #aha moment!

This is exactly what it’s about.

Department rules state:

  • If your child is absent for more than 2 consecutive days she’d better prove that she was actually sick, not just “bunking school”.
  • If your child misses from an exam she’d better prove the same.

Fine, we did that.

Then why did Meggi still get zeros in tests and exams when a doctor’s cert was on file?


Actually even a doctor’s certificate is a poor excuse.  We don’t want your child to miss a day of school, sick or not.

If your child is sick, medicate to mask the symptoms and send to school anyway.

It builds ethics.

It’s what we’ll expect from them later on in the workplace too.

If they don’t arrive because they are dead, they’d better have the paperwork for that ready, too.


When I was expecting my middle child, I was working in such a place with just such a work ethic.  You come to work, sick or not, because you’re paid to work and that is that.  My boss observed this and arrived for work deadly sick with bronchitis (I’m convinced it was actually pneumonia), which she spread to all her employees including me.

Me being 6 months pregnant.

I caught this “bronchitis” on steroids.  My friends and family all remember that I couldn’t stop coughing until 3 months after my son was born.

Some years later it turns out he’s asthmatic.  Was it from that, I wonder?

very sick child

Medicate and send to write that exam. Bad mom for keeping him home.

Sick child in hospital

She’s probably just putting on (and so are the doctors)

Chicken pox Image

Those spots are probably fake. Stop trying to con the system out of school days.


8 thoughts on “Sending your sick child to school

  1. Yeah, totally effed up.
    As if there aren’t enough germ carrying little monsters running around at school on any normal day.
    When I worked in a corporate office environment it used to do my head in when someone traipsed into work so full of cold and flu. Then they’re ‘Blorting’ every five minutes and coughing and hacking phlegm all over the damn show.
    When I saw one of these walking germ factories rock up I’d be packing my things and heading for the car before the average talking parrot could yell ”Panado!”

    • That’s exactly it. One wants to get away a.s.a.p. I think in “gugiedaly” that lady sums it up beautifully. Wth are we teaching our children? And we call that slave mentality a work ethic?

    • It is ridiculous and counter productive as a sick child/ employee is very likely going to infect those around him/her.
      Result: More kids off sick and very likely the teacher to boot…who will then go home and infect her own family.

      Simply stay away, and get well asap. If it’s likely to be a lengthy confinement, get hold of the school and have them sort out relevant study material so the kid doesn’t miss too much.
      How difficult is that? Common Sense is not a Matric Subject these days is it?
      And let’s be honest, most of us stayed away because of mumps, measles or some strain of the Dreaded Lurgy at one time or another, right?

      I am not a great fan of the average school methodology per se…as you can tell! 🙂

    • Can only agree! And then some of them: You come in to work feeling like you were hit by a truck – high on meds, head feels thick, can barely breathe, peer through slit eyes – and some colleague has the nerve to tell you “you don’t look sick to me.” Yes, Dr Colleague, and can I see your medical practitioner’s license?

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