Houdini and the web designer

What does web design have in common with Houdini?

Well, simple:

Magicians (or, alright, prestidigitators, because we are not talking about games such as Two Worlds now, we’re only talking about the Real World – ours) never tell each other their tricks.  Rather, they show their tricks to each other without revealing how it’s done.

The hand is certainly faster than the eye. So even a versed magician will not necessarily spot how another does his trick.  Instead he will harvest the ideas and start thinking creatively how he would go about doing this.  The chances are that the methods will be different and the tricks will vary from each other.

It is so with web design too, to an extent.

You learn the code; then you envision what you want to do and look online how others do it; and then you sit and think creatively how you’d do it yourself with the box of tricks you have available (plus the new tricks that become available in CSS all the time at this point – what an exciting language!).

I’ve learnt to do an image slider in pure CSS (example here); I’ve improved on it like this, dollying up the control buttons:


Fancy buttons


And now, for the final breakdance, I’m going to create a fake slider.  *grin*

And yes, my authors out there:  I have been contemplating all along how to implement these cool new effects on our author- and book feature pages.  (They may not be that new to wordpress but what is new is that they can now be done in lightweight code on an ordinary website without heavy artillery supporting it.)




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