Studio Concert, 16 May, Taurominium

Violin Tricks

The Studio Concert was a beautiful success.

Violin Club in the Taurominium Foyer. My little Sweeties from the Violin Club, Woodhill College. The lovely lady in the back (left) is my friend Vivienne, and the weirdo is yours truly.

Guitar performance Hubbs with a student.

Meggi Performance With my Mini-Meg.

Ray Performance Playing Davy Jones’ Theme with Ray

Stars Star Performers Dominique and Marguerite

guitarist Brave and good. Haven’t heard the Asturias played at such a pace in a while.

food How they spoil us…

performers All performers onstage please. (Except those who left early?)

The mother of our two Stars (D and M) surprised me by giving us an orchid as a thankyou.

My dear sweets!  The pleasure is all mine – I adore playing music with your children.  What a concert it was!  Our performers really outdid themselves.  I’m also very impressed with our studio parents:  Hardly anyone missing!

There was a guest teacher who brought three of her singers along as a treat, for all…

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9 thoughts on “Studio Concert, 16 May, Taurominium

  1. Super! It seems to have gone off excellently.
    I still remember our own concerts with pleasure until the teacher of Younger Daugher and self screamed in terror and fled to the Cape!

  2. Great stuff!

    Just for the heck of it, I’m going to share with you my favourite guitar piece ever…

    and my favourite violin piece ever…

    That’s a ‘Hardanger fiddle’ with sympathetic strings, and the piece is called Knepphallingen’.

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