General Update

Hi Bloggies

Every now and then a post like this one hits the air…  there is so much I need to update, all I can shape it into is a post like this one.

Studio Concert tomorrow

We have 7 Twinklers and some nicely advanced numbers in the Violin Studio, and … not much inbetween.  I hope that the Twinklers don’t think they’ll reach those dizzying heights already by next year!  Most of my intermediates have left or can’t make it.

My darling son who nearly threw in the towel with violin last year (during exam time, go figure) floored me with the ease and pazzazz with which he plays his pieces – once he chose two that he liked.  Fabulous.  The best reward.  And of course Meggi…  🙂

The Security Situation

Armed response and house alarm is (finally!) installed.  We sleep again at night.  Still I want to move from here.  This place has stopped being “lekker”.

The Car

I nearly cried (and my motor mechanic nearly cried too) when we saw what mess those b’s made of my ignition (the brand-new ignition he had just installed).  My mechanic took that particular attempted theft very personally, because he’s working hard on convincing me that I’ve got a really good car.   Well…  maybe potentially so, but it’s also a popular car for theft.  At least it runs again now, and in fact it runs better than it did before.  He is a great mechanic!

The Kids

Yeah… who remembers the old song, “Down by the River”?  We’ve been having a bout of that stuff…  and that, moving into exam time.  Not good news.

P’kaboo News

There are a number of projects lined up again; and the home page needs an update.

Sneak peek:  

Darx Circle by Les Noble – the youngest of his Magic Circle sagas – is an excellent read.  More engaging than Forest Circle Quest, even (and I loved Forest Circle Quest).  We’re currently getting the Darx Circle ship-shape (or perhaps, circle-shaped).  It should be available later this year.

Then there is a vampire novella by Marie Marshall in process; the story is a fast, gripping read, in first person true to her style, very direct, and it bites.  “From My Cold Undead Hand” promises to be even better than the “Everywhen Angels”.

Trusty Solar Wind series – “The Morrigan” is under way, Solar Wind 5.  In Solar Wind 4, an interstellar raider comes visiting and puts everyone on their heads (alongside unleashing some deadly creatures upon poor Planet Earth).  In this next sequel, Lascek and crew follow her helter-skelter into space on a treasure hunt – or their demise?

Alan Solomon wrote a book some years back, “Why are you so scared?”  about how to deal with stage fright.  An outstanding adviser for young performers and instrumental teachers alike; in this book he uncovers some surprising techniques and insights.  Believe me, you don’t see them coming.  It’s not what you think.  And they work!  Once again he has allowed me to republish one of his previously published works.   This is my next project where his musical writings are concerned.

We also have works from 3 new authors under consideration.  More on those when we are closer to any point in the projects.

P’kaboo is in revamp, I’m reconceptualizing various parts of the business.


Got to run.




4 thoughts on “General Update

  1. Paul told me you were going to revitalise the business. I’m looking forward to seeing ‘From My Cold, Undead Hand’ as a finished product. 🙂

    Good luck with it all. I hope things regain some stability.

    • Thanks. 🙂 The threat to our safety was the ultimate business killer. The studio has also suffered.

      I’m working on ideas how to improve P’kaboo overall.

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