Schubert’s Ninth for Mother’s Day

This is what my glorious kids did for me on Mother’s Day:

They brought me health breakfast in bed (fruit salad and a huge glass of fresh orange juice).

They let me pick amongst a number of CDs, which music I wanted.  I picked Schubert’s 9th.  I had forgotten how beautiful that work is – we played it in the student orchestra many years back, under Prof Solomon, and it is absolutely magical.  It is a tribute to him how he worked with us through practically all of the great symphonies by the greatest composers (except Mozart – we did a few but the man wrote 42 symphonies!).   The themes of the slow movement are even now haunting me.

Then they brought me downstairs (luckily they didn’t demand that I come downstairs with eyes closed) and showed me how beautifully they had laid the table.  Robbie had made a cheesecake, and all three had made me cards.  There were small but significant presents too (how spoilt can a mom get) and firm instructions that I wasn’t allowed to do any work that day.

We had some lovely cheesecake, then we played a round of Scrabble, and then Dad returned from where he’d been.  After which things turned a bit mundane, with me getting the message that my car was now fully repaired, so we washed down three cars and took two to my parents to return the one I’d been borrowing while mine was being repaired.  On returning home we played some facebook games and watched a season of “Big Bang Theory”, and rounded off the evening with some UNO (still my favourite card game).

Anyway that was yesterday.  I’m beat, going to sleep, just a snippet:  That “Darx Circle” novel by Colonialist is promising to be quite something!


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