Happy Mother’s Day!

Love to all us Moms out there.

It is too lovely how our children put in so much effort to make this day beautiful for us!

Though a hug and a kiss would be enough for me, they did everything they could think of and could manage.  It was so sweet.  Right down to the roll of Super-C my littlie gave me.

We are blessed.



6 thoughts on “Happy Mother’s Day!

    • Yup!

      When I visited London in 1997, I was surprised to find there was practically no internet cafe. I had to search pretty far to find one. I asked my cousin about this and she said, “you see, in South Africa people feel as though they are far away from where it’s happening, so they have this need to connect. We here in UK are the centre of everything so we don’t feel the urge to connect with anyone far away.” 😉

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